Ham & Potatoes

Today is the day. Today we finished fall harvest for 2019. And today is still October. I’ve been told that fall harvest NEVER wraps up in October. Those farmers must have been pulling extra hours in the field (with a little help from Mother Nature, too). To say that I am thankful is a hugeContinue reading “Ham & Potatoes”

Chicken and Biscuit Pot Pie

A snowy winter, complete with howling winds and sub-zero temperatures. That Kansas weather will get you real good. Pastures has been in a battle with Mother Nature these last couple months. First, gotta keep those mama cows comfortable and healthy. Rolling out extra alfalfa and hay bales, distiller grains, along with protein and mineral, givesContinue reading “Chicken and Biscuit Pot Pie”

A Sheet Pan Meal

When our little cowboy arrived last fall, family and friends so kindly dropped off meals. Frozen meals piled in the fridge to warm when ready. Lots of tasty food to help our growing family get through the next couple weeks. Our first baby, and we had NO idea what to expect. One meal; however, wasContinue reading “A Sheet Pan Meal”